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Strategic partnership with Etihad Airways

A whole new world of choice

As part of a capital increase, Etihad Airways from the United Arab Emirates acquired a 29.2% stake in airberlin in January 2012. Etihad Airways became the largest shareholder of airberlin.

Over this two year period both airlines have merged their flight offering have created a globally connected route network, and also have harmonized products and have cooperated across many areas providing new and unique benefits.


  • more than 700,000 passengers 2015
  • 220 destination e.g. in India, China, Australia, South Korea ...
  • flights to 80 different countries
  • 127 codeshare routes
  • direct connection to the Etihad Airways hub in Abu Dhabi

Added value strategic partnership

Alongside operational benefits (expansion of its reach to the East and South, advantages in efficiency), airberlin has also been able to improve its economic base. The extent of the collaboration between airberlin and Etihad Airways goes deeper than flight schedules. It also includes areas of procurement, maintenance, ground handling and training.