6 July 2017

airberlin: Traffic Figures for June 2017

In June, airberlin transported a total of 2,312,666 passengers. The seat load factor reached 84.5 percent, a significant increase over the preceding month.

For the month of June, 2.799 million seats were available throughout airberlin's entire flight route network, and passengers traveled a total of 3.776 billion revenue passenger kilometers (RPK). The number of available seat kilometers (ASK) amounted to 4.469 billion.



June 2017

Capacity 2,799,251
Number of passengers 2,312,666
ASK in millions 4,468
RPK in millions 3,776
Capacity utilization rate in % 84,5

accumulated 2017

Capacity 14,549,001
Number of passengers 11,348,972
ASK in millions 23,213
RPK in millions 18,897
Capacity utilization rate in % 81,4

Remark: Due to the current restructuring of airberlin (cf. the Press Release of 28 September 2016), the key figures provided above cannot be compared to those of the previous year.


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